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Franschhoek is located in the Cape Winelands region of the Western Cape and is loosely translated to “French Corner”.  The town takes its name from the first settlers, who used their knowledge to establish the local wine making industry. 


Superiorly renovated homes, gorgeous gardens, the scent of roses and lavender is what awaits you in this spectacular town.  Franschhoek is a beloved tourist destination, especially in season with many visitors returning each year.  Even if it gets busy the town manages to retain its authentic touch and quiet areas to enjoy.  A discerning atmosphere pervades this upscale town, nestled in a long valley and is serviced by one single road.  Some of the Country's best restaurants and cafes are found along the Main Street. 

Franschhoek is a wine lovers delight!  Some of South Africa's oldest and most famous wine estates are found here. In the village you will find wonderful crafts, art and antique shops and galleries. The main street is lined with coffee shops and restaurants.


Franschhoek’s village has a wonderful collection of art, antique shops and galleries.  It is also a gateway to other wine routes. There are a number of walking trails in the surrounding mountains for the more energetic travellers.  Then there is the Franschhoek Motor Museum housed at the L'Ormarins Wine Estate - a must-see.


When it comes to accommodation, Franschhoek has plenty of options to choose from. From luxury villas to quaint guesthouses, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Please see our accommodation section for all the best places to stay in Franschhoek.


Top 10 local family attractions in Franschhoek


  • Franschhoek Wine Tram: Embark on a scenic journey through the vineyards aboard the Franschhoek Wine Tram. This hop-on-hop-off tram experience allows families to explore multiple wine estates, enjoy wine tastings, and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.


  • Huguenot Memorial Museum: Learn about the area's French Huguenot heritage at the Huguenot Memorial Museum. Interactive exhibits and guided tours offer insight into the settlers' history and their influence on the local culture.


  • Franschhoek Motor Museum: Car enthusiasts of all ages will delight in the Franschhoek Motor Museum's extensive collection of vintage and classic cars. From rare sports cars to iconic models, the museum showcases automotive history in a captivating setting.


  • Franschhoek Pass: Take a scenic drive along the Franschhoek Pass for panoramic views of the valley below. Picnic spots and hiking trails provide opportunities for family adventures amidst breathtaking natural beauty.


  • Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve: Explore the Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, home to diverse flora and fauna, hiking trails, and picnic areas. Families can enjoy leisurely walks or more challenging hikes while immersing themselves in the tranquility of the surrounding wilderness.


  • The Franschhoek Village Market: Browse locally produced crafts, artisanal goods, and fresh produce at The Franschhoek Village Market. Live music and food stalls create a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for a family outing on a weekend morning.


  • Franschhoek Wine Valley Riding: Experience the beauty of the Franschhoek Wine Valley on horseback with guided horseback riding tours. Suitable for riders of all levels, these tours offer a unique perspective of the region's landscapes and vineyards.


  • Holden Manz Wine Estate: Indulge in a family-friendly wine tasting experience at Holden Manz Wine Estate. While parents sample award-winning wines, children can enjoy grape juice tastings and explore the estate's gardens.


  • Butterfly World Tropical Garden: Step into a world of enchantment at Butterfly World Tropical Garden, where families can marvel at thousands of butterflies in a lush tropical setting. Educational exhibits and guided tours provide insights into the fascinating life cycle of these delicate creatures.


  • Franschhoek Wine Valley Museum: Delve into the history of winemaking in the Franschhoek Valley at the Franschhoek Wine Valley Museum. Interactive displays and multimedia exhibits offer a captivating journey through the region's viticultural heritage.


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Franschhoek Information, Cape Winelands, Western Cape,, Accommodation, ActivitiesFranschhoek Information, Cape Winelands, Western Cape,, Accommodation, ActivitiesFranschhoek Information, Cape Winelands, Western Cape,, Accommodation, ActivitiesFranschhoek Information, Cape Winelands, Western Cape,, Accommodation, ActivitiesFranschhoek Information, Cape Winelands, Western Cape,, Accommodation, ActivitiesFranschhoek Information, Cape Winelands, Western Cape,, Accommodation, Activities